Cyber Stalkers

Cyber Stalkers.
David Sheldon Nicholson
April 13, 2007

If it where in the real world, he would be a loud obnoxious bully that always demands his way. But this is the land of cyber where all is just words on a monitor. The incisive chattering of his keys in the act of flaming others must be a thing to witness, but not from the end we are looking from. Does it make him feel good to try and spread his hate and muster others to think ill of someone in hope of driving them out of the chat room? Or is it that he sees more of himself in his delusional view of the others he talks about?

Could it be that he wants total control over anyone that will not give him the attention that he seeks so badly? Does he really want to drive all that oppose his limited view from the chat room? Yes, he does want this and with a passion never before felt in his limited life, he tries to control every last thing he can in the chat room. After all he has very little control over his life.

He lives in a small house on the bad side of town; the only place he has the money to reside. He gets his money from the government and anyone stupid enough to trust him in a financial venture; no matter how little he makes from doing so. All too many people in the real world see him for what he is, so he does not want them to invade his realm of illusion on the internet.

He tries to hide his past from those who wonder into the room. After all they may look on him as being human like the rest of us. But then the new person is from the same city as him and he can not stand the thought that he may be discovered by all in the room. He must try and chase this person from the web with any lie he can; and yes even attack them in the public window, with a vengeance we would all like to forget he is capable of.

A face pic is what he wants so if you find him to be offensive in cyber land he can go after you in the real world. After all, his unbalanced mind is always looking for the enemy that he sees. It is never enough and someone must always be the enemy. If he runs on person off, he will then turn to another at random. He is a hunter and we are his pray.

Yet still he finds the need to be seen as a gentle and normal human being. When in reality he is more of an animal with only his twisted delusions of being persecuted to keep him company. Yes, there have been those who would talk him into their lives for s time, only to find out that he can only feel for himself and no one else.

Should we feel angry and aggressive toward him? No we must pity his sad and lonely life of self exile. There is help for him, but he will die alone and thinking the world is out to get him. There are hands still willing to reach out to his aid, but he will stab at them with hate and despise. So sadly he will always be alone, even when he is with others he pretends to like. After all, no one can be trusted in his mind.


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