Done cooked a bunch in advance

 This is a poor mans veggie chili. It's VERY hot with scorpion pepper flakes in it. Basically I tossed 2 cans of baked beans in the slow cooker and added in the scorpion pepper flakes and mixed veggies. Just put it on high and leave it for 3 hours. It made 3 rather filling meals. I still have 2 of them left to eat.
 This is the 3 portions of veggie chili and the rest of the pasta you see below. The pasta was a side dish for some chicken twice and is now gone. Oh and the chicken I had the next day is in the shot as well. Just kind of hit it with some hot sauce.
OK this is chili sauce pasta. Poor mans style. It's pasta with mixed veggies and discount BBQ sauce with some hot red chili mix added to it. Chili makes everything more better like :)


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