Target Marketing Hay?

Target Marketing Hay? Well they tell you that the ads on Instagram (and every other place) are based on your "interests". Well here you see literally the ONLY ad I have had on Instagram that was in my interest range. This is a local product and something I would try (if they had it in my local store that is).

I'd even do a review on YouTube if I was sent some - hint hint...

There was one week where all of the ads where My Little Pony. Why the hell would I be interested in that? I got no kids (never had any) and I don't care for the toy. Strange thing is - not one Pusheen ad has ever come up anyplace at all. Being that I have a complete and total hangup on Pusheen, you got to wonder why not.

Then every few days I get BMW ads on Instagram. Well I don't drive and I'm in subsidized housing - think I'll be getting one soon do you?

Lets not forget how dang many times I get ads for women's shoes all over the place.

And yes - I realize that this is not on the shelf in my local LB because it's NEW. Last Mountain does have a few relay nice products out I have to say...


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