I Turned Away Just to Find You

I Turned Away Just to Find You.
David S. Nicholson Sep. 25, 2011

You demand that I love you and have taken so much from me.
You demand that I love you and have taken those I hold close to my heart.
You say worship me and I will lead you to riches and let me be poor.
I gave all I could and it was not enough for you.
I came to you on my knees and was ignored.
I gave all I had to give and nothing happened.
I turned from you in rage and anger.
I ran to the darkness of my own heart and was comforted by the silence.
There was only I and nothing else.
It was cold and dark and empty.
Then I saw your hand and took it.
Then I held your embrace and was warmed in your light.
The world was shown to me as it is and not how I wanted it to be.
You saved me from myself.
Now in this time of pain and suffering I have comfort.
Your people and your love hold me up when I want to fall.
I am yours and all I have is given to your glory.
Thank you oh my Lord.


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