This is What I Have Become (POEM)

This is What I Have Become
Dave S. Nicholson 2017

The dark of the day is within me.
I see the pain of others and it washes at my soul.
I feel for those who hate me and those who love me.
I want to make their pain go away.

I sit in a dark room with my music in my ears.
I try to keep from the blinding fear inside.
I hold Pusheen and feel loved.
But the dark of the day is within me.

Endless night and long weary days I feel too much.
The loss of others is mine.
A woman I will never meat is in fear of abuse and I cry for her.
A people I will never know exploited and I shed a tear.

It feels like I am going to die and no one will hear me.
This crushing feeling of terror inside.
I want to scream and hold it in.
I long for a gentle touch but there is none.

Darkness and light.
Freedom and fear.
This is who I am.
This is what I have become.


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