My Roaster Is rusting Already (And A Nice Seamless Tile)

Well this is my roaster I got last spring. That makes it 1 year old. It's freaking rusting. OK this is the same brand that I got 20 years ago and it lasted me 20 years. Not this one...

Thing is I need a new soup pot. The last 2 I got where some $20 thing from wally world and they lasted a year and a half or two years. I was thinking of getting one from the same company as the roaster. After all I thought it was a long lived brand.

Well after noticing how dang toast the roaster is already, I am not going to spend $48 on a soup pot from them. I also do not have the money to be spending $90 or more on one that will actually last me 20 years. So, it's down to the $20 crappy one that will last a short time and toss it out.

Looks like I need a new roaster as well. I will try to find some cheep ass thing - also a smaller one than this one. I don't cook roasts anymore and cooking a chicken breast or two in this big thing is pointless. The only thing there is, I have never seen the small ones other than in a set of 3. Soooo. I will have to look for an alternative I guess.

BTW here is a seamless tile to use made from the image above. It's 990 x 990 and makes a nice texture map:


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