Dinner For Three Days

Ok this was dinner, it will be dinner tomorrow. As well, it was dinner yesterday. LOL. It's a chicken breast that has been baked in the oven and then cooked up with a can of beans and a pile of mixed veggies. I put in a splash or 10 of extra hot red peeper sauce (generic brand). This ends up giving me dinner and a snack for later on at night. It seems if I don't eat about 45 min before bed, I won't sleep worth a darn. The key here is that time span. If I eat to close to bed time I will have an upset tummy and again not sleep. Well the last 2 days I have slept worth a crap anyway, but that is another story. Well time to put some more chicken in the fridge to thaw out over night. This is of course claimed to be a bad idea that leads to poisoning. I have done it for most of my life and not had a problem. Just eat it the next day and not let it sit for 2 weeks...


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