The Balance of Power

The Balance of Power
David S. Nicholson Aug. 18, 2009

There is a balance of power in this world that we are not readily aware of. It is the balance of positive and negative energies that we ourselves as human beings produce. This shapes humanity in ways that we cannot normally perceive.

It is a struggle between good and evil if you where. If that is how you would like to see it. We can, by our actions, the way we interact with each other; the way we go about our lives; the way we communicate with others; we can change this world for the good or for the worse. We can destruct or we can build.

We can, by simple actions; like when you are at a restaurant and someone brings you your food, thank them. This brings positive energy to the server and to yourself. You receive more positive energy back than you give out. Thus driving you to give more positive energy to other people. But if you want to be negative, you draw more negativity to yourself as well. It is a self fulfilling need. Whichever you decide to give, you will get back.

We as a people, as a society, have the ability to descend into anarchy or ascend into greatness. It’s all up to us. Live the way you want the rest of society to be. If somebody treats you badly, treat them with kindness. Perhaps it will change them; perhaps it will not; most likely not. But you never know. It is the positive energy that we need to culture, to accumulate.

In this time where there is so much greed, so much want for personal gain; so much negative dark energy. We need to take hold of what is around us; say no to the conventional ways, and say, “I am going to make a difference, I am going to change who I am and I am going to influence as many people as I can in a positive light – while I have the chance.”

Death is always around the corner and you don’t know when you will make that final turn. So make your life count. Make it the best you can be for everyone you will interact with. Have a good day all.


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