Live Life

Live Life.
David Sheldon Nicholson
Jan 11, 2009

We strive to be heard in this world.
We see the life before us and try to be relevant.
We want to be known and remembered.
We spend a life time trying to be someone we are not.
We spend our precious time trying to be immortal.
Yet we do not see what is real.
We do not see what is to come.
We do not see anything but our mask.
The world is but a flash in forever.
In time all will be forgotten.
In time there will be no trace of any of us left.
So we need to see what is important.
We need to see that we only have now.
We only have each other.
There is nothing else.
So is it a waste of time to do anything for this world?
No - for time is our greatest gift.
What little we are given must not be wasted.
We must spread a bit of life to all we encounter.
We must be part of all around us.
We are not immortal, so now is all we have.
Don't waste it; give all you can for it.
Live life!


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