Why We Don't Dry Shave

And this is why we DON'T dry shave people... DANG... Think about it, this is a very good razor. If I used a Bic they would be finding my dead body in the morning... But you do get a really close shave LOL. BTW you can get a rash or an infection from doing this. Also a good idea to not share a razor with anyone. When a barber gives you a shave the razor is cleaned in a special fluid. I have been shaved with a straight razor 3 times in my life. It was the 3 best shaves I ever had. But there is no way in hell I have the ability to not harm myself using one, so I won't. My one friend shaves EVERYTHING with his. That is something I would not even think of doing. Not getting anything that easy to slice with by my unit...


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