The Day They Took Our Son

The Day They Took Our Son
David Sheldon Nicholson
July 23, 2011

We were playing games on the lawn like families do on a sunny summer day. A van pulled up and then a car. A man came out of the car and then others came from the van. The first man told us that they were taking out child away. We stood up abruptly and one of the men reached into his suit coat and gave us a look. The man from the car told us that people like us where not allowed to have children anymore. I asked, “Like us”? He said with disgust in his breath, “Gays”. We tried to fight it in court and spent a lot of our savings. We went all the way to the top and it was in the news for weeks. But nothing could be done, the courts where on the side of the government.

A while later, maybe six months, we noticed that the store belonging to that nice Arab man was closed. We saw him on the street and asked what happened. He looked around in fear and told us his business license was taken away as he no longer met the regulations. I asked what regulations. He told me the ones on immigrants. Once again we were angered but nothing could be done.

In spring of the next year we woke to our door being kicked in. They had come for us and this was the end. As we waited for extermination, we thought there were things we could have done, but we were not brave enough. Next to us sat the shop keeper we liked and his family. On the wall was a poster of the American eagle and white men in black uniforms holding guns.

I woke and remembered them taking our son the day before and I was scared.


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