I Will Never Say Good Bye

I Will Never Say Good Bye
David S. Nicholson Feb 15, 2012

In a lifetime I have know you ever day.
In a blink of an eye you will be gone and I will never be the same.
When you smile my heart is warm.
When you cry I feel so much pain.
I would give you anything if I could.
I have little, but you have my heart and my time.
When I was a kid I did not understand and I sometimes hated you for it.
Now that I am a man I know it was what I needed.
Looking back there where far more good times than bad times.
I sometimes remember the long talks we had over a coffee and smile.
When you pass coffee will never taste the same again.
As I write these words I hear sings of joy and my tears flow from my eyes.
When I see you it’s who you always where that I see and not the confused person you are.
When you point at the dog on the floor that only you can see I think it’s an angle come to you.
As you fade away I die a little myself.
As the day grow short and the time so near, I think mostly of you.
The pain of seeing you die for so long is like losing you over and over every day.
I think of the says a summer when you worked in the flower garden and smile.
I think of the times you yelled at me for doing wrong and thank God you where there for me.
I think of God and want to yell at him for doing this to you.
Then I think of how many bad things there are in this world and know they are our own doing.
God walks with you ever step and he hold me up to be strong for you.
When you go to see Dad in the great hear after, tell him I loved you both more than words can say.
All the times I suffered pain that I can’t describe and hid it from you are worth it.
To be with you as you where for one more day would be of greater value than the world has riches.
I will never say good bye but only so long, for I know I will see you again in heaven.


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