Photo Of The Day (I Was Confused At First)

This was my photo of the day the other day. At first thought I was "what happened to the sticker machine"?

But then I remembered that the door had been broken. It had let go at the top and was just hanging there by the bottom pin. This is the washers from the top pin I am assuming as they showed up the next day after they got the door fixed.

Some days I think very literally and others I am more esoteric and generalized in my thinking. This was a literal kind of day LOL. That and I had not had my coffee yet and did not sleep well at all for days before this.

BTW this was out at R&S Family Restaurant in Moose Jaw. I really do like the place. It's NOT fancy, but a mom and pop kind of place. This is #1 reason why I like it. It also has large portions and very good food and the staff are all friendly. Someone complained on Facebook that the waitress was rude and the food sucked. Well my friends and I have been out there more than likely 50 times since it opened and we can say this has ever happened to us at all. It's always been cooked right and tasted great. They are also always trying out new things - this is something most places will never do.


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