I'm Not Normal At All

I'm not normal at all. I seem to be a lot more goofy than most people. The average person seems to never let go and just have fun. I tend to let go and just have fun most of the time.

Sure I have days where I am down or very focused on things, but for the most part it's all about having some fun while I get the days tasks done.

After all when all you have to do most of the time is post a vlog and watch other peoples vlogs then you have the time to relax and be a fun person.

I also think it's a gift from God that I can joke about thinks in my life that would be a tragedy to others. I mean, I joke about dead - I joke about the pain... Nothing is off the list. I keep it as tame as possible online, but in person with friends we have joked about topics that people think should never be joked about.

I also don't take myself serious most of the time. Life is a gift to me and I am here to enjoy the shit out of it. That is in any way a person with not much money and a physical disability can do.

This is also why I don't tend to save money. Sure I could put $40 or $60 away a month but then I would not be able to go have dinner with friends or anything EVER. So I tend to not think about the future. I don't fault anyone for doing the same thing and most people I know do this as well.

The only two of the people I hang out with with actual savings are a person with a good paying job (good not great) and a person who lives with his mom and dad (at 50 years old) and does not pay any rent or buy his own food. The rest of us don't make much and tend to spend it on fun or if we have it at the time give it to those who need it more. Hell I have ordered a pizza delivered to a friend and payed with my credit card because I know he had nothing to eat that day. I have also been the recipient of kindness money wise many times by friends. We are a good group of people.

Any way, your task for today is to be a goofy as you possibly can be and to just blow the day having fun and not thinking about tomorrow... And GO...


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