Why Pay $45 When It's Not Going To Last Longer?

 This is my roasting pan. Well it's a year old and looks just like the one I tossed out before I got this one. See the last one was 23 years old before it started to die and a good 25 years before it had a pin hole in it from rust. This dang thing is already rusting.
Seems this is how most things are these days. You pay a fortune for something and it won't last much longer than one that is cheep crap. So why are we paying the extra money? Yes if you want to pay $500 or more for a set of pots and pans then they will last 15 or 20 years. But most of us don't have that much money and the "quality ones" don't seem to come in number I can use. I don't need or want 14 pots and pans to find room for. I don't have the room for it.

I am faced now with the need for a new pot. Well the one I wanted is $45 and made by the same company as this one. Well if it's going to freaking rust in a year, then why will I pay this? For $21 I got a pot from Wally World that lasted about 13 months or so. So after noticing that this expensive roasting pan is already on it's way to death, I am going with the $21 one next time I get there.

I also should get a smaller one of these. I literally don't cook roasts anymore and only toss one or two chicken boobs in there now. So why do I need this thing that fills my oven?

But alas even know this is extra money month, with the purchase of clothing and other items I needed desperately I am kind of low on cash, so it might have to wait a month or two. The pot will live another month I am sure and so will the pan. So they can wait. I will just have to scrub the dang pot every time I use it...

BTW Mom had a dark blue one like this that lasted since the 1950's till she died in 2012. So it just goes to show that the more we "progress" the less time all this stuff lasts.


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