Widows 10 Creators Upgrade And My Start Screen Apps...

So got the latest greatest install of Windows 10 (Creators Upgrade). This sucked 15 GB of drive space more or less and took the better part of an hour to install.

First thing I noticed is that the file explorer seems to NOT like the computer being on for 10 hours at a time. I went to do a backup and it soft locked for around 2 minutes when I tossed files from one drive to the other. I thought at first it was a hiccup and NOPE it did it the next 2 times I tossed a group of files then STOPPED showing icons all together. This can't be good I was thinking to myself.

So I did a reset and was able to toss about 750 small files with no indecent to 2 different external drives and the cloud. It's been working ever since and I have no idea what the issue was. I have had the PC on today for around 8 hours now and there is no problem. Yesterday it was on for 14 hours with no problem. So I am left with no idea why this happened. After all there was literally zero user load on the system other than the file transfers...

I have used most of my apps now and they all seem to be working just fine. There are no issues at all. That annoying BLINK seems to also be gone from desktop. The anniversary update caused the desktop icons and task bar icons to blink at random for no reason and they never did fix it.

The USB recording device (audio) is still low sound but not nearly as low as Anniversary Update was. This is a long standing windows issue and has happened since windows 7 at random to people. The issue is obviously a windows bug - as someone with the same version and same exact system will have no problems. They also kept telling people in the forums to "update the drivers". Well I had the latest USB buss drivers and so on. It still never helped. But at least now I can make use of a $60 mic that sounds great.

Still don't actually like the native weather app as it seems to NOT like having live tiles work - a carry over for 3 updates now. Once again it works fine for others and not for some. That just don't make sense. So I have installed The Weather Network instead - I rather like it better as it updates much more often.

I've had to use the Twitter app as Chrome took a puke on Twitter for some people and I just happen to be one of them. The twitter app is not at all as nice as using it in Chrome, but it works fine once you get used to using it. The issue is, I get locked out of my account the moment I log into Twitter with Chrome and for some strange reason it will NOT stay logged in for long. Funny that the same thing was happening in 2012 to people. It keeps saying that an unauthorized web page is using my account. Well it's their dang web page I am on LOL.

I'm using the MSN News tile and I like it a lot. Been using it since Flipboard became about hard to use in an update. I like MSN news anyways, so why the hell not. I just wish there where better share options with it. But oh well - it allows to copy the link and you can just toss that in what ever...

The only actual reason I have the Netflix app is to look stuff up to add while I am on Facebook and someone mentions a movie or show. I don't actually sit at the computer for 2 hours at a time as my legs and back won't let me. But watching on the TV with the Android Box is a lot more comfy...

I have Office 360 with all the apps on the tile page for quick access and word (the one I use every day) on the task quick launch bar. I also have a scanner app that does OCR and so on that will save as a TXT file, word file or PDF. Don't ask me it's name, it came with the printer software. Office is a must and I don't like that the free office clones don't actually have complete compatibility. Besides I get 1TB of online storage for backup of my music and photos with the service for $7 a month. Just sitting here waiting for the upgrade to 2017 later this year.

I freaking don't play games often but I have 4 of them on here one of them being a jigsaw puzzle game that lets me make my own puzzles. This is fun to me and I am kind of abnormally good at them. There is also 3 basic time wasting games I can play.

There are also a pile of utilities that I use for video, DVD creating and Photo Editing as well as 3D renders. But the list is long and I am sure you're tired of reading this by now... So I will stop here...


  1. We both know windows is sending information about us all the time. Part of the annoying blinks are undoubtedly related to the transmission of the data. Browsers are also either collecting or sending data of all kinds about themselves and your browsing habits. Then there are the dispatches being sent to NSA etc. LOL. I am glad to read your comments about the new update. Basically, I see no reason to update at this point though I probably will update; I just don't see any gain. Possibly security updates are given that are valuable but other things I care about they do not care about .

    1. The blink had a simple explanation but it's literally stupid it was never fixed. The 11th is when the update starts rolling out. I went out of my way to get it sooner. As always it goes by Regan and some get it at different days. I remember them saying there was no keylogger even after we going it. Then later they admitted it was there and said how to turn it off lol. Yes it's all spying on us and I expect it too.

    2. My windows 7 blinks too

    3. Your ISP spies on you it is the law at least here in the US they need no help from windows

    4. It started in 95. The icons refresh at a different rate and it causes the blink. There is no way to fix it yourself.

    5. Lol. I'm sure they do actually.


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