More Google Math (Phantom View)

So I upload a vlog and go to edit the information on it. It's unlisted (I always upload as unlisted) and I have not viewed it yet. View count is 1... Yuppers more evidence that Google can't count LOL.

Also remember when they changed what counts as a view and everyone's view count went down. Well mine dropped by more than half. Some people got hit even more. Had over 500K lifetime views then poof down to about 200K. LOL.

Also if you keep tract of the monthly view counts and ad them together your lifetime view count will NOT go up by the same number but about 2/3 of the total monthly views. I always find that interesting.

I don't monetize so I don't care about the view count like people do will care. But it's a LOL to me to see how they try to rip off the content providers by using any excuse to NOT count a view of 50...


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