No Wonder People Are Pissed Off At YouTube

LOL I don't monetize anyway BUT I find this funny. There are 1197 videos on my Tag channel. Not ONE of them is able to be monetized LOL. I have no idea why. The lifetime view count is about 40K so it's not the 10K thing. HAHA No wonder people are getting pissed off at YT - there is no reason for this at all.

The best thing is, I had a few here and there on the AxeMoose channel that where marked like this - and they are NOT able to be monetized. I don't get that one at all LOL. That being said, I don't go for the $100 every 10 years thing on YT at all. I just find it interesting.

One example on the AxeMoose channel was when I talked about socialized medicine. Well it was marked as unable right off the bat - more than likely from the title. Yup one I think got hit by a bot because I had my shirt off (calm down - I'm male). But they both are eligible now LOL. Oh man YT just don't make sense some days.


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