Spice Box Wisky (6/10)

This is Spice Box Whisky. Someone complained one time I was spelling it wrong - well look at the label - in Canada and most of the UK there is no freaking E in whisky...

This is not your typical whisky product and more of a desert type drink. It is 35% abv. It tastes a lot like a Werther's Original with spicy chili added in and a bit of a black pepper taste as well. It's very smooth and light. But it's not a real mans whisky as it where. It would be a good party drink though or something fun for a night out under the stars with a camp fire.

I think the best feature is the old style bottle. You can check out the web page - it's linked above, just click it. I give this a 6/10...


  1. Looks like a Tabasco Sauce bottle . Do you drink it straight or mixed?

    1. Straight. Always drink it straight - only on rare ocations do I drink mixed drinks.


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