My salvation

My salvation
By: David Sheldon Nicholson
May 21, 2005

In the night I call your name and you are there.
In the times of need, you help me.
I have only to ask and you will comfort me.
For you are my salvation.

Darkness has no more hold on me.
The things of the past are no more.
The meaning to my life is seen in your eyes.
For you are my salvation.

Empty are those who make war on me.
Hollow are the dreams of those who do not know you.
Endless are the worries of those who turn from you.
For you are my salvation.

Once I did many things to wrong you.
In the past I was on the road to disaster.
My sins where many and my hart empty before I came to you.
For you are my salvation.

So much you have done for me.
Too much to repay.
But you welcome me as I am.
For you are my salvation.


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