Tried To Track Something LOL

Well the first reason is reasonable I guess - although, whey the hell was I given a CANADA POST tracking number then?

2nd one is not of use as it's coming from some place in Canada.

3rd one is a WTF? I mean if it was shipped more than a year ago and it's still not fucking here... There is something wrong with your service to say the least. I mean how could you lose an air conditioner? But then again things from Regina (a 45 min drive) have taken 4 weeks to get here in the past.

4th one don't even make sense. If they have chosen a service with NO tracking information, how the fuck did I get a "tracking number"?

You did the same fucking thing with my socks I ordered. They showed up on the tracking app the same day they where out for delivery. How the shit they did not show in the system the other 3 days they where being shipped by Canada Post I don't know.


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