Went To See B.C. Read at Bobby's Place

Over half the times I have seen the B.C. Read duet it's been at Bobby's Place in Moose Jaw. They play roots and blues. B.C. is to say the least a hidden gem in the crown of Canadian music. Not too many people know about him, but the ones that do love his music. He is a master of the blues and has a great voice for it. He does have 4 CD's out that you can pick up. It's well worth it. If you want to give him a listen, do a YouTube Search and you will find a few videos of him playing here there and everywhere. He is homed in Saskatoon and most of their big gigs are up there with the drummer and the horn section. It's well worth it to stop in and see them if you are up there. I am to say the least not much into going to the bar, in fact the last 5 times I went to the bar was to see them play. They have been playing together for some 30 years and have it right. They are magic together. The mix of stand up base and the blues guitar is a thing of beauty. I have to say they are my 2nd all time favorite band. The first being Rational Youth also from up here in Canada.


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