What's New At Home?

 Well I got 4 12 packs of double rolls and that got me up to 59 rolls of butt paper. It is notmally $9.99 for a 12 pack and it was on sale for $3.99, so I had to get a bunch. This will last me a while. Won't have to get any next month for example. I mean, really, it's a $6 a pack saving.

I got the dusting done, cleaned the kitchen, did the vacuuming and cleaned out the pasts of the vacuum that can be washed (they will sit over night and dry out). The filter light came on just as I was finishing and I realized I had vacuumed 6 times since I cleaned the filter. In the morning I'll put the canister back together and snap it onto the vacuum. I love my Dirt Devil.

I also had some chicken nuggets for dinner. 2 more days and I will be out of them finally. I have gotten ready made food so many times I will have chicken left over for next month I think. There are 18 breasts and 16 days to go - being 2 days will be nuggets still, I will have leftover. So I I put the leftover breasts in the door tray (in the freezer) so that I know to use it first. Don't think I will get more nuggets. They are kind of not good for me but they do taste great. I am also going to have a pile of BBQ sauce left for next month. Seems 1 jar will last a month and I got 3 thinking they were small. Also there is going to be kind of a lot of beans left over - I will be killing off at least 1/2 the KD though. This month is going to be a weight loss wright off I think... But dang I eat well.

I also did 2 tags and then promptly forgot to upload them and when I was doing the laundry I cleaned out of photo folder on the phone and they went with it - sigh... So now I have to do them again. Will do it tonight as I am going to be up late by the look of it anyway. Got to remember to set my alarm for Thursday - the bug dog will be coming then to inspect the place for bugs. Being that it's NOT been 3 months I can only think there was an issue and someone had bugs. I do hope they don't find any. It's a pain in the ass and an expense I can't really afford to clean that up.

Right now it's 2am on the dot and I am typing this up wide the heck awake. I got the feeling of something picking at my back in the one spot. It seems that spot gets that way now and then. I have had people look at it and there is nothing there. I took a look in the mirror and nothing... It's just one more annoying thing Fibro does to you. Strange that it's always the exact same spot and it lasts for days on end, but oh well.

After this I got a couple other blog posts I want to make - like a night in photos in while doing laundry. I got bored out of my mind and took 16 photos of random things that I will be sharing. Anyway, time to end this one... Have a good one.


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