When Backups Become A Pain In The Nuts

OH I done gots me 2 external droves for backup and a cloud type service... Anyway The screen shot is me backing up to the portable Seagate and there are no issues at all. The western digital that is plugged in all the time on the other hand - well... It's a piss off most of the time. See I will get in about 400 or 500 files and LOCK... For some reason the latest and greatest incarnation of Windows 10 Home hates the freaking thing. It will lock up windows explorer every freaking time. And I keep forgetting it will do it. The thing to do is to copy a few folders then close the window and reopen it and it will be fine. BUT I keep thinking it's like a normal functioning thing and I toss too many files and LOCK. Now the strange thing is it keeps copying the files until the que is empty, but explorer will be done for. Kind of wish there was a work around for this. It never did it before the last big update to the latest version of Windows 10. As well on a friend with literally the same computer and drive as me - he has no problems. So I got not one clue. It's also all backed up to the cloud. You know just in case my building explodes some day and I am not in it when it happens - then I won't lose my data...


  1. ugh have you ever gotten the error that a file name is too big for the cloud?

    1. One drive will let you toss 10 GB files on there - so No I haven't :)

  2. This reminds me I need to do a back-up in both computers.

  3. Have you encrypted any part of the files you are trying to back up? Look at the properties of the files and the folder they are in and "unblock" anything in there. I never use Microsoft's Backup because with all the images I need to archive, it finds copies upon copies from everywhere and I end up with huge amounts of unennecessary files that take up space and tax the drive. One drive is a Seagate and the other Western Digital. I have two small pocket sized multiple Terabyte drives to which I back up things manually and in addition I use Windows to make a System Image. None of this completely safe but at least no one can say I was lacking for backing up.


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