My Candy Expired FEB 1915

OK got these a few weeks ago at the Dollar Tree. Now either they are expired by 102 years or just 2 years. Either way EXPIRED. Now my guess is in printing they forgot to put a space in between 19 and 15. Should be FEB 19 15. As in 2015. Being that it was May of 2017 at the time I kind of wonder why this was on the shelf. BUT. Just to be safe I tossed them out. Not like you go and look at the expiry date on things in the store unless it's milk - then we ALL look at the date. Dang it Dollar Tree you owe me $1.25 and taxes... Yeah I'll just hold my breath until they send it to me LOL.

I am reminded now that I really should have got another coffee scoop while I was there. Mine is kind of not doing well. That and some new water glasses. Our water here is about as hard as you have ever seen in your life - to the point there is a taste to it. I remember a visitor from Victoria saying "yuck" when he had some LOL. Not to mention my nice clear shower curtain in the 6 months since I moved in here has turned not so clear...

Anyways Just thought I would give you a LOL with the date on this puppy. HA. Huh - just noticed that the 15 is not lined up with the FEB 19 - it's a bit lower. Wonder if it's a printing error or the 15 was printed at a different time.

Oh and Dollar Tree in Moose Jaw - if you read this, bring back the spiced gummy candy. I freaking loved that stuff.


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