The Sun Makes Me Itchy

Well I have a new issue. See how red my face is? Well I was out in the sun for about 20 minutes. It's not enough time to cause me to be this red. The thing is, I think I have developed a problem with sunlight.

It's not one of my meds I know that, as I looked up the side-effects of all of them. But after around 10 minutes of being exposed to the sun I get itchy on the spots that the sun is shining on and little red dots all over me.

At first I thought it was the animals I was exposed to the other day. But it seems it's every time I go into the sun. Well being I have no intention of NOT going out in the daylight - I will live with it. It's a mild irritation at best. If however, it gets worse I will go to the doctor and see what the hell is going on.

I knew a fellow in high school who had a massive allergy to sunlight. It caused him a lot of problems and some major skin damage before they got him medicated and covered in sunscreen. It had literally scared his face. I never did find out what caused it as I did not really know him. But I felt for him.


  1. I was like that in my 20' started when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and lasted about 10 years..Sun doesn't bother me anymore..I tan easy now..
    I doubt if being pregnant is what started yours though. Lol!
    Stay in the shade.

    1. It's a mystery but it's not bad so I can live with it.


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