Aukey 20,000 MA/H 2 Port Charger

This is my Aukey power bank. It will charge my LG G4 5 times to full charge then a bit more on the 6th charge. It will put out 3.1A on the one port and 2.1 on the other port. So it will "rapid charge" my phone and my tablet. Charge time I have no idea - I put it on in the evening and it's done in the morning. If you are in a hurry you are kind of out of luck - it does take some time to charge. When charging it sucks 2.1A and I use my Aukey 6 port charger to charge it. You can get this on Amazon for not very much - depends on the seller; this one set me back $40. They also offer a 5,000 ma/h pocker sized one and a 30,000 ma/h 2 port bank. This one is 20,000 ma/h. The small one is 2A output only 1 port. Anyway - I like the brand and recommend it. I have used this one over 100 times in the time that I have had it. It also has a flashlight on it.


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