Dualistic Moral Standards Of Religion

I think the view that most people have on nudity is a useless outdated stigma based on a desire to control people. By telling people they are a sinner and you have to follow a bunch of rules that make little to know sense - like naked is bad - you then set them up to do anything is asked of them by authority. This was the reason that religion formed in the first place if you ask me. That being said, religion has gained humanity a lot of thinks like civilization for example. We would not have come half as far I think without it. This it is dualistic in nature. It holds us together and makes us better people, it also holds us back and makes us follow blindly. I am glad that there is a new age moment in religion to take the parts you like and skip the rest. This is how it should be done. But perhaps in a few more generations we will be done with words in a book telling us who to like and who to hate.


  1. When the Nazi party came to power they invented a history for their chosen people and made up a theology to follow. This kind of reminds me of what has been going on in the USA this past while.


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