Microsoft Office Made Me Think I Have A Virus

OK On the latest and greatest build of Windows 10 64 bit I have after the last cumulative update been getting a window that poops up (command prompt) and it's empty - then it vanishes in about 2 seconds. I just figured out what the crap it is. It's the task for checking if there are updates to MS Office 365. For some reason before the update it did NOT actually show on the screen and now it does. After looking it up online other people have had the issue as well with the same reason. Sigh Dang it Microsoft you made me think I had a virus. It can also be the last task in the office folder on Task Scheduler. That one is literally NOT needed and if it happens and you go to Task Scheduler and that one has a last run time of just a min or so ago then turn it off. It's a big long name that ends in Registration - only if you do a lot of file sharing in a work group or over the net do you need the fecking thing.


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