The Laundry Room - A Photo Study

 You can lock yourself into the "reading room" just off the laundry room. There are 2 comfy chairs there and people bring books and magazines to read. I read a couple of issues of Canadian Art (or something like that).
 And the light switches here are all the old kind. I kind of wonder being they changed most of the door handles to the easy to open kind, why they never put in the easy to use larger switches. But oh well. This is in the reading room.
 Just what it looks like.
 The washer I used. Last time it was not working. Two times before that was the first time I used it. I did not know if it was working right or not so I posted a video of the sound and was told it's normal. I like it a lot more as it holds more are I can use just 1 instead of 2 machines - It's also kind of easy to use once you get onto using it.
 My Co-op soap. I think I like the Safeway kind a little bit more but this is a way better price. I keep getting told by people "Safeway is much less than co-op". I kind of wonder if they have ever shopped at both and compared prices. And average months supplies at co-op is generally $75 to $100 less. So how people get this "it's less money noise", I don't know.
 Just what it looks like - just realizing that it's not been inspected in months. It's supposed to be checked every month.
 This just sparked my eye. The way the "out of order" sign is cut off and makes it look like it's out of soap. I honestly don't know why people use this cheep shit. It does NOT do 1/2 the job of liquid soap and leaves a bunch of white streaks on clothing for the next 2 or 3 washes. ALWAYS I get this shit on my clothing when I wash even though I use liquid soap. But it tends to come off in the dryer for some reason. The streaks that stay on brush off easy enough.
 The community iron. This is for anyone to use. I notice since the last time I was in there someone scorched the board a bit. I don't have anything that needs to be ironed so I don't use it. If I had things I would have a board and an iron of my own long ago. But when I went on disability my "good cloths" where put in a bag and stored. When Mom died I gave them away as they only where used twice and still in great shape.
 Double rinse sink. I got no idea why a double, maybe for things that need to be hand washed then rinsed. This is the first time I seen a double in any building I been in. The other places either had none or just a single.
 Random shot in the reading room.
 The garbage we put the lint in from the lint traps. Also the cups from the water cooler and various other things make it's way into here. When I tossed in the lint there was also a sandwich container and a orange juice box. There is a second trash can at the other end of the room.
 Random reading room shot.
 Sink in the public wash room.
 I'm kind of sure being how close to the ground this is, it's for placing your bag of laundry on while you wait for the elevator. It's also kind of wonky, the back is not level. Also don't think I want to sit on this thing. SPLAT comes to mind.
 And there it is my laundry. This is almost all of my clothing. I have gone way too long before doing it all. It's heavy and hurts my back to carry it, not to mention my shoulder. But it's done now. I tend to take off my undies and socks and just have shoes, pants and a shirt on when I do the laundry. This is so I have all my socks and undies clean for when I have a shower the next day. There is a lady that does the wash in a robe and flipflops... If I had a nice long robe that fit me, I might do the same LOL - but I hate robes, so that is out. Since the one lady moved I tend to be the only one washing later in the evening.
And just because, the public toilet (men's). There is this fellow that tends to come home drunk with his girlfriend often. Well he came down about 10:30 pm and took the toilet paper out of both bathrooms. Good thing there is always 2 rolls in the bathrooms here. There are also bathrooms on the main floor as there is a common aria there where people play games and a library. No the rooms not green...

Well that's my adventure for laundry day LOL. But my being bored out of my mind ended up a fun to do blog post, so there ya go. Have a good day eh :)


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