Bug Dog And A Bathroom

OK so the "bug dog" came today. It's kind of amazing to me that you can teach a dog to sniff out bugs. But if you can teach them to sniff drugs, why not. It's the same in practice after all, just a different target. The poor thing did not really want to work today by the look of it. He was slow and pausing. The handler had to keep telling him to work. I guess it's the same as people, some days we have to force ourselves to do things.

The thing I don't like is I have to have the fans and A.C. off. It's hot in here even if it's not too warm outside. So it was a bit of a bother. As well this quarterly thing does not seem to be happening every 3 months. I am rather sure they where here not so long ago. I been here 8 months and they been in 3 times. Being it was month #2 when they came the first time, they should not be here yet. But whatever.

I need to clean the bathroom and sanitize my counters in the kitchen. They are kind of in need of it. The bathroom is kind of really in need of it - the toilet caught hell the other day LOL. Sooo... It needs a going over. Think tomorrow will be bathroom day.


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