YouTube Wants To Sell Me A Dodge

So the other day I am listening to some friends music and the music of some people I don't know. Anyway... The same advert came up on literally 7 different music videos. For some reason YouTube really wants to sell a 2012 Dodge Journey to me. Being that I am on disability and can't hardly afford anything, this is more than likely never going to happen. Well that and I don't even have a drivers licence anymore. In fact it's more than likely 15 years since I had a car and about 12 since I had a licence. Soooo... Well it's OK I guess, Instagram is back to trying to sell me My Little Pony toys. Every month it does this for a few days. I have idea why. The only time I have ever googled MLP was when I did an image search for "My Little Pony toaster porn". Best thing is, I got 1 image of just that. I freaking love the internet... BTW for two weeks Facebook tried to sell blade servers to me.



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