It's Freaking Spam - AKA How To Get Away With Spamming YouTube

Yeah... NO... It's not because it contains a link, it's because it's fucking spam. See they get a small amount of your ad revenue if you use their fucking content. This is why some people set up the content ID system and register literally everything and then say "free to use" - then they get a slice of the pie. Kind of makes me wonder because I have seen a persons OWN reply to a comment on their OWN video go into the spam box - then we get some "I love you, check out the video I did of you" in the comments 76 billion times and it's NOT marked as spam. BTW don't click the freaking link on that thing - it's a virus. Unless you want a few months down the road to have your hard drive encrypted and asked to pay money, don't click shit. Short links are NEVER a good idea. BTW this BOT above is what you call 3rd party spam. They pay someone a few bucks then they launch the bots. This way when the channel gets taken down, they still have their content up on their own channel. See if you killed their channel or took down the video linked, it could be a hater attack trying to take you down - so they don't do that. So this is how you get away with spam. The stupid people link the bot to their own channel and get deleted.


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