12 Canadian Whisky's You Should Try

  • Danfield's Limited Edition 21 Year Old
  • Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve
  • Forty Creek Copper Pot
  • Gibson's Finest Rare (18 year)
  • Gibson's Finest (12 year)
  • J.P. Wiser's Double Still
  • J.P. Wiser's 18 year old
  • Lot No. 40
  • Crown Royal Limited Edition (And it's a nice bottle)
  • Crown Royal Northern Harvest
  • Alberta Premium (This is my go to - I get it often - it's simple but I like it)
  • Alberta Premium Dark Horse (More complicated but some don't like it as it has the taste of black currents in it)
These are in descending order of how well I liked them. 70% of the time when I get a bottle it's Alberta Premium. The one on the top is about $50 a bottle at most liquor stores in Canada. It can actually be very hard to find and we most of the time don't have it at all in Saskatchewan. But I have had it by the glass in the bar and it's out of this world good for a Canadian whisky.


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