Why Am I Covered In Itchy This Time?

So I enjoyed the hell out of going to see the animals. The baby goat made my day. The only thing is, I am not covered in itchy like you can't imagine.

I mean I want to take a belt sander to my head, arms and torso. This is freaking hell I'm telling you.

I aggravated the hell out of my Fibro by being on my feet for 90 minutes. This caused a lot of pain that is still with me to some extent (it's about a 4 right now - yesterday after the farm it was a 6). Part of Fibro for me and many others is this itching. So...

But I am also allergic to a pile of things that grow in the ground. Stiff like clover (was all over). Some native grasses to our aria also get me good. Kind of a lot of weeds bothers me as well. Then there are horses and well goats that cause me to break out in itchy. Silly enough, I did pet the goat and was very near the horses.

A friend was tickling my head with an ostrich feather. That as well could have done it for me. I never do know what it is - allergy or Fibro or both. So I sit and itch away for days at a time some times.

Friend told me "take a shower". Well once the cycle has started a shower won't fix it. I'm rather sure nothing is crawling around on me. It could NOT have spread over night to most of my body and the critters that make you scratch almost always stick to the hair. Being that my torso has about no hair on it, that rules that out.

This time my eyes are itchy too so I am rather sure it's an allergic reaction to something I was exposed to out there. It's happened before when I have gone out in the woods with a friend and POOF itchy for days. But in the end all I can do is wait for it to go away and if it sticks around for a week I'll go see my doctor.


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