1 Day In Food

Honestly I did NOT expect this thing to be the size of my head. Last time I got a 4 egg omelet it was not even 1/3 this size. I mean WOWSERS. Good thing eggs are not that high in calories. It's also stuffed with veggies and and not much bacon so it's all good. I did not go the other stuff as I was to full.
 Lunch was a bit of not so good for me. It was 3 cream cheese and strawberry danishes. I am sure this was my recommended caloric intake for 3 days. Being that since my weigh in on Friday I have also had a Pizza, 20 wings and a pan of brownies, things don't look hopeful.
Dinner was breast meat chicken nuggets. These are NOT processed meat, just breaded and spiced. Not the best thing in the world but 1000X better than a normal nugget.


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