And Ignore Personal Responsibility (Dogs Attack 8 Year Old)

How about teaching your kids NOT to jump into other peoples yards? Yes I'm sad for this kid, but the Mom does not seem to realize that this is 100% his fault. When you get more than 1 dog together they don't tend to act like just 1 dog alone. The other thing is he has NO business jumping in there. But this is irrelevant as no one has any personal responsibility any more. It's always someone else's fault when someone does something stupid. LITERALLY If this was me when I was 8 my folks would be asking me if I learned to NOT jump in peoples yards. This to them would NOT be the dogs fault.


  1. but it is never the kids fault, the little angel never do wrong sigh

    1. Exactly - he was TOLD not to do it and the parents STILL blame the dogs.


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