After 4 Weeks The AC Is Installed

Yeah after 4 weeks of waiting for them to come (exactly 4 weeks), they came and put my AC in the window. I am happy to say that this thing cools the place off very well. It went in on the hottest day of the year so far. It was 95F outside and about 100 in here. So I was glad for it and in no time it had the place cooled off.

If I put the fan in the right spot it cools the bedroom off as well. Then again for some reason the bedroom is always cooler than the living room. Oh wait, the living room had 10 feet of window space on the wall...

It's a Danby 8,000 BTW unit and according to what I was able to find the right size for this apartment. It is a bit loud, but it is blow are strong enough to feel in the kitchen (all the way to the other end of the apartment).

The deal is, you need this special tray they use to put it in there that sits in the window and locks into place. I could not just have someone else do it and the regular guy who did the rest could not do it as it needed to be mounted on the tray first.

It's heavy as well at about 55lbs. So it's going to be interesting watching them get it back out of there. The window has to be 30 foot or more off the ground so pushing won't help LOL. Anyways - right now I have it turned off as it's not that warm in here and have the fan on me instead. I know... I pay a flat rate for power, but I want to have the lowest power use I can. I even have the AC in power saver mode.

Well stay cool all and have a good one.


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