Other Signs In And Around Moose Jaw

 Kind of a lot of this in the aria.

 This spot has been trouble since I was a kid and was "fixed" a couple of times. Best thing is people live down that dirt path you see in the shot. Ya know - under the bank that is falling in.

 Kind of looks like someone drove over this poor thing then it was bent kind of back in place. Would actually liked to have seen both of those events.
 For YEARS this sign has been here. There was once even some dude that would run out yelling "this is private property"... Only thing is, this is actually a city street - see the street sign on the left? It's not actually private property.

 Sign is located inside city boundary after the take over of the land in the aria.

 OK this is in a field :) hehehe.

Hope I am not supposed to know what this says... I can make out the Saskatchewan logo and that's it.


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