WTF Facebook? (BAD WORDS)

So is there a setting to make this fuck off? I mean really. The news shows this shit all the time and if people don't like something they can hid the page that posted it. So why the CRAP am I seeing this. Yes the image was very graphic but it shows a real event that is happening in our world. So Facebook stop trying to filter out reality for me. I'm a fucking adult not a princess snowflake. There used to be a setting to show "offensive content". This setting is now gone and this crap is forced on us because after all we have to protect those who are freaked out easy now don't we. How about letting me lick something that makes this fuck off forever and never shows me another one. Sigh. Being that this hid it shit does not happen for a few days after a post is made, what the hell is the actual point of this shit? Ya know I put up with you trying to sell me a bunch of stuff I have literally no interest in and trying to get me to friend people I have no interest in being friends with - but this is too fucking much. Give us a setting that literally say "I won't cry and go to a shrink if I see graphic images" and let us decide to "hide shit" or not.


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