Persecution Complex

We had been going as a group of gay men to the same place every Tuesday for 5 years and this new guy showed up and they messed up his order. Well... It was all about him being "obviously gay" and discrimination. Sigh. We literally could not talk him out of his little crap mood. The woman was apologizing and he was not having it. Finally I said to her - stop saying you are sorry, this is not about you at all. It's just a guy who thinks the world is out to get him. Well he never came back THANK GOD.

This persecution complex applies to many walks of life and many kinds of people. It's just that the vast majority of people I know that think it's all about people hating them are gay.

There are women I know that think everything is about them being a woman as well. There are also fat people that think it's all about them being fat. Not to mention minorities of all verities.

The common thread of them being disliked by all who encounter them, is their attitude. They are abusive and paranoid and it gets in the way of even the most kind of souls from thinking them any less than a complete Twatt.

The worst thing is now and then they are right about it and this validated all the other experiences they have in life as being about them. The concept that every last person on earth has had the same thing happen never kicks in. It's about them.


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