No Sleep, Acid Reflux Kind Of Life

So not been sleeping well at all for the longest time. Last night I got a lot of sleep and it was well needed. I also been kind of sick to my tummy for days now. Not all out sick, just enough to be annoying. Lots of acid reflux. This could be due to the fact I been eating a crap pile of spice this last few days. Then again it's not effected me that way before. I do actually take medication for acid reflux twice a day. I tried for a while to just take the one and it did not really work well. Ended up waking up in the middle of the night to choking on stomach acid. It's bee this way for years now. Right now my tummy is the worst it's been in 3 days (how long I been feeling off). So the going to bed early thing won't be happening. So up late again I will be... Then again I have had sleeping problems since I was 10 and the acid reflix has been with me at least 20 years. Such is life though...


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