Anyone In Moose Jaw Missing A Dumb Kid?

So i live in a seniors building. It's freaking 10:30 pm and there is school tomorrow. Where is this little twerp? In the parking lot of my building jumping his skateboard off the cement pad that the garbage bins are on. Either his is VERY short or is only about 10 or 12 years old. So why is a kid this age even out at 10:30 pm on a school night?

Honestly I did not sneak out of the house in the middle of the night until I was like 15 or so... Then again this is early enough that the parents have to know he is not home. If they don't there is something very wrong with them.

There is also not much room between the cars and the pad. He did fall a number of times. He is NOT wearing a helmet, just a cap that is on backwards.

So tell me if this is your dumb ass kid and he breaks his melon on the pavement - will you be filing a lawsuit against Moose Jaw Housing? After all it has to be their fault that your brat of a kid is out causing trouble at a seniors building late at night.

There where 2 other little darlings that did not show up in any of the 3 photos I took. Just this twatt showed up. The ISO is set for night shots and with all the motion the other 2 ended up looking like a ghost (literally).

The first big issue is no safety equipment to me. The 2nd is disrespect. The 3rd is why are they out this late at that age?

For FUCK sakes, if you are going to not care about what they are doing at 10:30 at night, at least care about their fucking health. Sigh...


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