And My Pills Will Be Paid For

Recently had to go threw the bother of getting the Heart Doctor to file paperwork so that I could keep getting the little pink pill you see here. Well the wording is strange and it seems to have covered the 2 drugs that are in this pill and not the actual pill. I don't quite know how this is going to work. I know that if I get them separate that it will be about 30% more than getting them in the one pill. So in a couple of weeks when I need them refilled, I will see what happens. I also need to go see my GP on Monday and get refills. This is of course a ploy to get money for writing the refills scrip for me. See they don't get any money for doing that but if I go see them in the office for any reason, they get paid. I would love to get rid of that big white pill - but I have been off it and the pain in my joints is intolerable to the point I can hardly get to the bathroom. See it's hard on my kidneys and the heart meds are too - this is why I need blood work regularly - to see if they are working right. It's always fasting and I freaking hate that. But this is life when you are sick as hell. Still on a positive note, poor as I am in my country - I am living better off than the vast majority of the people on Earth... So I will be thankful. As well my meds are payed for and so are the rest of my medical expenses.


  1. I am glad you have a few resources. I don't know what is going to happen down here with t-rump wanting to cut Social Security, Disabilitiy, Medicare, Medicaid and Housing funds. I may have to move north and apply to enter Canada as a refugee.


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