Air Miles Rock, But The App Sucks

Around 20% of the time I go to check my air miles I get this. Now they have this fancy new app and it won't tell me how much I can redeem in air miles cash. Instead it just says 95 = $10. Well I know that and don't actually want to break out a calculator to figure out how much I have to spend. It used to tell me I have this many points and that will give me this may dollars to use. Another thing I would like to do is, if I am withing $2 of a $10 amount, to be able to use the $10 to pay the entire bill. Sure 98% of the time you are just a few bucks over or well vastly over as you got $300 worth of stuff - but now and then you have $8.32 worth of stuff and it would be nice to just say "hell with it" and use $10 to pay for it - even if you get no cash back. As well I see you can't use it to get booze or smokes - kind of wonder if that's the governments fault (kind of think it is). Anyway - I just ordered a new card, the old one has the bar code and the numbers wearing off. In another year I won't be able to scan it. It's lasted me many years though and I can't complain about that. BTW you can get cards for groups if you like. Say you have an organization and want 30 cards for your members, you can get them. That way the organization can get points to buy things. I remember the one sore had the option to donate points as well - I would always give my points to the animal shelter. But now I use all my points myself. It saves money. Almost all of the things I get with them are paper products and deodorant or icy hot. Anyways... I'm to lazy to break this into paragraphs so... And I'm going to try and sleep now... Maybe...


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