Food And Pills

 So like... I have not had KD in forever and it was on sale for like 1/2 price, so like I got some... Like ya know... LOL. It will last me a while. I got 24 boxes. Been a week I had 2.
 OK still had 18 days of chicken breasts in the fridge from last month - I really got too many. Then I got these all breast meat chicken fingers. DANG they are good and not greasy like most of them are. 3 of them is about the same as a chicken breast from the box of boobs I got last month. I have on the other hand only been eating 2 of them at a time.
 Well what can I say. I don't really even like these most of the time but I was SOOO in the mood for them I had to have them and they where on sale. There are 3 kinds of pickles in there. Onion, normal pickle and cauliflower.
 Well I am 111% addicted to this heavenly stuff, so I got a can of it. Normally a can will last the month. Last month not so much. I had to get some by the end of the month. But this one with luck will last me all the way, as I will be dead broke by the end of the month. Yes this is expensive coffee to most people on disability, but I will spend the extra $5 to get it. It's just so much better.
 And an 80 pack of coffee filters. I see a LOT of people who are in my boat money wise get the 40 pack. WELL the deal here is value per unit. The 80 pack is $2 more the 40 back is $4 - so it's a better deal to get the 80. Being there was over 10 left, this will last 3 months.
 This is my drugs man. The pink things are the reason I am no longer going to drop dead in the next year. In fact if I was not on them I'd be dead now. So they are good. I had to have the doctor fill in the forms to get me covered for them though. I literally will have to DIE if I can't have them. They are $240 a month and I don't have that kind of money at all. Not even if I had no internet and cable - still would not be able to afford it.
Last we have bags. These are to re-pack the chicken I get. It's a lot more easy when they are repacked and they last longer. If you don't do this you get freezer burn on them.


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