Online Billing Systems Are Confusing

 OK this is why I hate online billing. It's a mess some days and takes a while to get it all the right way around. This is page 1 of the invoice and shows a $120.75 credit.
 And page 2 of the invoice shows the same $120.75 credit. Page 3 is just information on how and where to pay the bill.
Here is my account page on their web site and it shows I owe them $42.57... So what is it? Do I owe money, have I got a credit for $120.75 or is it something completely different?

This started with me wanting to see what the new billing amount per month will be and I clicked download bill. The statement above came up. The invoice with the amount I wanted to know has vanished and I'm very confused.

This is of course typical of instant online billing systems these days. They don't wait for everything to be processed and some times you think it's payed off when in reality you owe them money. Other times you end up giving them way more money than you needed to give them.

Sure it all balances out in the end but when you have as little as I have it's kind of nice to NOT pay more than you need to pay and so on. So at this moment I have no idea if I am going to carry over a $42.57 balance till next month and pay more than normal or next months bill is already payed due to a credit.

I can't talk to a human as well, as it's Sunday and no one is working. Not that they would know either, they can only go by what is on the system and they literally know no more than I do at this point.

The only reason I am carrying over a balance is that I am dead broke this month as I have had 2 months of much higher than normal expenses. I am also trying to keep some money in my account as I will by the end of the month need to get some things that I just can't live without.

It all works out in the end as next month is extra money month and I will have about $150 extra to spend and I will also NOT have the extra expenses I had this month and last month. So It's all good. The interest will be $0.80 if I cray it over and here is the kicker - I will be paid the 29th and the interest will be put on the same day as this is owing by the 28th... This is how life works when you don't have a lot of money LOL. It's all good though. After all I had some fun and if I did not do that I could have paid the $40 as well.

BTW I put $2.57 on this bill before I looked at the invoice so it's at best $40 I still owe. If I remember when this is sorted out, I'll do an update. Until then, I have to say I am enjoying the HELL out of my Cable TV and Internet 150.


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