And Amazon Is Less Than Half The Price

This is a sad commentary on the stores around here. IT's less than 1/2 the price to order this stuff and pay shipping than it is to get it in the store. Both the Co-op or Safeway the vitamins would have been over $60 alone. The shaver would have been $16 and the shaving cream $6. Don't tell me Walmart either... they would have been more as well. Would have been like $45 for the vitamins. and more money for the shaver and the cream than Amazon charged me. BTW the dollar shave club is MORE money for less blades. You get a box with a handle and 4 blades from them (in Canada) for like $9 - this is like $6 for 6 blades and a handle. So ya know... The sad thing here is my drawer on my nightstand just came apart. If I knew that was going to happen I would have added on some Gorilla Wood Glue for $5... But oh well, can't have everything. Sad thing with the razor is you can't get just refills off of Amazon you have to get them with the handle for this kind. But it's more money for the refils in the store than this with the handle SHIPPED... Makes sense to order it this way in the future. I have not tried this brand before. If I like them I will order a bunch of them next time and put them in the store room.


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