Best Place For Printer Ink In Canada

OK I don't normally tell about places to shop - but when I get the best deal you can get I like to tell others about it. My Printer Shop is the best deal we could find. Not even on Amazon could I get ink for my printer at a lower cost. Sure if you have a cheap printer that is kind of low quality you can get a box full of ink for a small amount on Amazon, but not for better quality printers. I have looked trust me. Also the very inexpensive bulk ink sometimes dries up before you can use them even sealed in the bag or they leak. That is always a bad thing.

I literally saved $35 on ink over shopping at Walmart or Staples. That is WITH the shipping cast. Not only that, I got more ink. Staples does NOT have a combo with an XXL Black and an XL color for my printer at all. They have an XL black and XL color. So I am getting more ink for less money. I got to say I like that idea. The other thing is with just the XL's I end up getting a normal black one so that I can use up the color and not waste it. Well the more ink in them the less you pay per unit - so this is a waste.

But Amazon still rocks for paper. Got to say that. I looked up prices in many sources for my printer and the printers of two friends who do a lot of printing (more than I do). The prices where always better at My Printer Shop.

Lets face it, good quality printing will always be expensive but you can save some money here.


  1. I as of late ran over your blog and have been perusing along. I figured I would leave my first remark
    prints for cheap

    1. Link seems to refer to the USA not Canada but I'm sure someone might like it :) Have a good day.


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