One More Reason Fibro Sucks

So here I am covered in itchy the other day - as I am right freaking now and as I am at least 4 times a week. I am not to the point of the other day in this photo - but I am not enjoying it. Worst thing is, nothing at all helps.

I have taken all manner of antihistamine and rubbed on all manner of creams to try and get the hell of itching to stop. None of it helped at all. So you live threw it. For me it will only last a few hours at most, but for some it lasts for days or weeks. God I would be spare in a week of this. Then again I thought a week of Anxiety would kill me and here I am in week 2...

BTW Looks bad don't it? Think about it, scratching makes it WORSE and it's covering my entire body. Not only that about 80% of my life in the last 17 years I have had a spot on my back that has been itchy and nothing will kill it. Not only that it's HELLISH itchy. It's about the size of my fingertip and is off to the left of center mid rib cage on my back. Sigh.

The only thing I hate worse is a bad pain day or the times when my privates feels like it's on FIRE. Now thing of all 3 of these and more happening to you all at once. That is a bad flair and now and then for me it will last for days.

I am lucky and most of the time it's hours not days that I am in pain. But a mild flair (like now) can last me over a week (like last time).

Oh well - life goes on...


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